The Tidwell Project, Incorporated

Bringing the performing arts to disadvantaged youth.

What is The Tidwell Project, Inc?

The Tidwell Project, Inc. is an organization that inspires and supports youth to identify and achieve their goals through mentoring, learning, performing arts experiences, and participation in a powerful community.  The Project’s comprehensive programs strive to instill discipline and to encourage creativity, enabling students to develop to their full potential and to excel in their chosen endeavors.  The Project’s positive presence in the community offers individuals a safe haven in which to explore and express themselves both emotionally and physically, and helps them develop into contributing members at large.

Mission Statement

Using dance as a portal of entry, youth are exposed to various forms of expression and given the opportunity to engage in healthy choices and behavior. Although the environment may remain constant, the project is designed to change the “mind-set” of the youth and provide them with alternatives to violence, drugs, and at-risk sexual activities.

Program Objectives
The objectives of the Tidwell Project’s programs are to teach, coach and support students to:

  • Identify and achieve goals
  • Direct their thinking
  • Build healthy relationships

  We reach these objectives by providing:

  • Community and support
  • Curriculum
  • Coaching and training

  Our Future Goals:

  • Larger Facility
  • Computer Lab
  • Math and Literacy Tutoring Program


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