The Tidwell Project, Incorporated

Bringing the performing arts to disadvantaged youth.

Making a Difference 

The Tidwell Project supports at-risk students to identify and achieve their goals. Many of our students face challenges beyond those experienced by “typical” teens. They struggle academically, socially, and sometimes with their families. They want success,but are unsure how to achieve it. They often see their lives as hopeless, without support, and including barriers that are just too big to overcome.

 Through mentoring and participation in small group activities, workshops, and retreats, students learn what it means to make a commitment, participate fully, solve problems, handle mistakes, build trust and keep their promises.

The Tidwell Project places a strong emphasis on being accountable for one’s actions, setting and achieving goals, building healthy relationships and developing mental strength and character.

Committee Members

Rita Bailey, Esq.

Krameelah Banks, Ph.D.

Miriam Bernard

Stephanie Branton

Nancy Collins, M.D.

Renee` Crater

Whitney Crater

Connie Curry

Joe Hargrove, M.D.

Frances Harris, M.D.

Ronda Henry-Tillman, M.D.

Courtney Johnson, D.D.S..

Tiffany Mays O'Guinn, Esq.

Donell Meadows

Alicia Smith

Alonzo Williams, M.D.

Susan Williams

Bettye Williamson

Michelle Williamson

Advisory Committee

Annette Fisher

Marianne Flammang

Diane Johnson

Pat Jones

Groesbeck Parham, M.D.

Patricia Sumler

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